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Quick phone call to chat…..

That’s all it takes sometimes, is just a quick call for reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Whether you are alone, unsure, or feeling insecure about life’s decisions, it may just take a call to a competent Counsellor to add clarity and support on some decision you are making about yourself.  ‘Counselling Service for You’ is now fully operational and set up to do phone counselling.  Either be it a 30 minute chat or a full 50 minute session.  Fees are taken over the phone, calls are taken over the phone, where you want to feel safe and secure and private.  All calls are confidential too.  You can call now 1300 373 150 to make a date/time for that session or drop us a line – Counselling Service for You – Email


Bariatric Weight Loss, Bullying, Counselling, Rural Support

Bariatric Surgery – you are not cheating

As a long term bariatric patient myself, since 2008, as a trained and professional Counsellor / Psychotherapist, I know some of the thoughts and nightmares you may be going through.  There is now support ‘anytime’ you need it – simply pick up the phone and have a Phone Counselling Session – where you want, when you want, and the fees are much minimal than seeing someone face to face.

“The surgeon provides you the tool (surgery) – its then up to you & your determination with exercise, diet and a healthy mind to do the rest” – Gaye Cameron, Counsellor


No more excuses – simply pick up the phone NOW! Call 1300 373 150 and leave a message with a time/date that is convenient for you.  For as little as a $2 a minute, the average session is 50mins [$100.00].  Payment is taken over the phone.  All your details are private and confidential.  If you wish, information can be conveyed to your treating physician to ensure you are on your way to a greater success.

Call NOW! 1300 373 150

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Supporting the bush – you are not forgotten

Australia Suffers Worst Drought In Years

Being in the bush is no excuse.  Phone Counselling Support for a very minimal fee, now provides you an outlet to be heard and to speak with someone who listens and can support you in a time of need.

Phone Counselling is now more popular, just because we have busy lives, we work remote, work strange hours, and sometimes, just want to talk to someone where you feel comfortable and not be seen going into a ‘doctor’s or psych’s office’ and be talked about. Privacy is of utmost importance.

To make a time to talk to a Trained and Registered Counsellor, with many many years of experience.  Call NOW – 1300 373 150.  Leave a message and the Counsellor will get back to you with a time convenient.

Payment is now taken over the phone – as little as $1 per minute!

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Motivation – 7 top tips

We all have things we’d like to accomplish. However, many of us struggle at times in the pursuit of our goals. We lack motivation, have no energy to get started, or don’t know where to begin. We procrastinate or find excuses. Then we judge ourselves harshly for being “lazy” or “slacking.” Sometimes all we need is a jump-start, a strategy or two to get us moving when we’re feeling stuck or we’ve been idling too long.

Here are some tried and tested practices – who know they might work for you!

Make things happen1. Buddy up. You’ve promised yourself that you’re going to wake up early and go for morning walks, but that pledge was made a month ago and you still haven’t found your sneakers. Find a partner to keep you accountable. Ask those around you if they’d be interested in doing the same thing. Once you find one or two “buddies,” decide to check in with each other the night before to keep yourselves on track. Self-motivation can be difficult. Send reminders and support one another.

2. Go public. This can be scary, for sure, but words have so much power. Once you declare what you want to accomplish, you may have more energy behind what you set out to do. You might be surprised to receive the support of others. While that may not always be the case, you can even be fuelled by naysayers. Adopt an “I’ll show them!” attitude and devote more attention to what you want to see happen. When you own your goals in a big way, when you aren’t whispering them into the wind, you may be more likely to take big steps in accordance with them.

3. Same time – same place. Consistency helps with motivation. If you intend to read more, decide on a location and time that you can devote to reading regularly. It might be picking your favourite corner of a coffee shop at noon or the comfy chair in your living room at 8 p.m. each evening. Have your book at the ready and devote an hour or so to fulfilling your intention. By being consistent, you may be less likely to hesitate or compromise and allow other things to get in the way. If you have a project you need to work on (college applications, cleaning your closets, putting together a presentation) and you find yourself doing anything and everything to avoid it, schedule a consistent block of time each day to chip away at it. An example would be setting aside 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily until the project is complete. You may find yourself devoting less time to debating yourself and more time to doing. One important thing to note: there is often no ideal time or place. If you’re waiting for that, you may never get started. Just go with what works and take it from there.

4. Set a timer for 15 minutes. You know those clothes that came out of the dryer and need to be folded? Or the dishes that magically appeared in the sink? Instead of secretly wishing those things would disappear, challenge yourself and make a game of it. See how much you can accomplish in just 15 minutes; set the timer and go! You may be surprised at the number of things you can complete in a short period of time, especially when you’re racing against the clock. It also helps to know there is an end to the chore. In just 15 minutes, it will be done. Or, by then, you will have tricked yourself into continuing, because you’re on a roll and find you want to complete the task rather than leave some of it undone.

5. Set up a reward. Go ahead, wave that “carrot”! Think about how you could reward yourself, either at intervals or upon completion. A reward could be as  simple as getting up and getting a cup of coffee after you complete some paperwork, or buying a new pair of jeans upon achieving a weight-loss goal. Remind yourself that the reward is something you know you’d really enjoy, even more so having earned it.

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6. Know your “why.” Give some thought to what you will gain as result of taking the action you’re considering. Your “why” needs to be for you and not someone else. Having clarity around it may enable you to break through the inertia that held you back. A great Author Simon Sinek, in his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, describes the “why” as the higher cause, the vision you have. The mechanics of what you are setting out to do, the “what” and the “how,” are lifted to a new level of meaning when you know your “why,” thereby inspiring you to take action with a greater sense of purpose. Highly recommend for a good read.

7. Remove obstacles. Do what you can to set the stage for success. For example, if you’re seeking to work on your taxes, gather all that you might need prior to beginning the project rather than approaching it piecemeal, which may only serve to frustrate you. If you’re trying to make it to an early workout class, lay out your workout clothes the night before and have your bottle of water ready to go in the refrigerator. You want to be able to get up and go rather than face obstacles like not being able to find your shirt in the dark.  A good way to to talk to someone – contacting myself or a local therapist who can accommodate you, isn’t that far –  just pick up the phone.  Counselling Service for You we now offer phone counselling, which can be done at the convenience of your home, work or just out and about for a minimal fee.

Don’t assume you’ll suddenly become motivated. Utilise one or more of these strategies to begin moving forward. Sometimes all you need is to take the first step or two to begin building the momentum you want to see.


Sinek, S. (2009). Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. New York, NY: Penguin Group.

For more support and advice, contact us on 1300 373 150 or email – 


Busy People? No more excuses – Phone Counselling

No more need to take time off work, find a parking spot, hide this issue from loved ones, you can now make the call to a professional Counsellor and get the much needed support – at anytime, anywhere and minimal costs.

No More Excuses – Call NOW! Minimal fees and payment taken over the phone.

Call NOW! 1300 373 150

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Bariatric Weightloss Blues….

Post Surgery Blues – they are real – Phone Counselling NOW available! PH: 1300 373 150

Having life changing weight loss surgery is exactly that – it is life changing for the better and healthier you.  For many years some of you have struggled with long term obesity, illness, chronic fatigue and more, which is associated to being overweight. Taking that big step and having the surgery is the first of many steps you will take to have a happier – healthier you.

Discussion with your surgeon

When you sat down with your surgeon, there would have been many questions you forgot to ask, I bet you even forgot the question just after surgery, or maybe you were somewhat frightened to talk about it. Make sure you write the questions or concerns down before your next appointment – don’t worry the silliest questions may be the most relevant question – especially for you.


Just want to talk to someone about my concerns

There is nothing wrong with you in wanting to talk to someone about your issues and concerns – your fears, worries, anxiety etc are all normal reactions, and you are allowed to feel that way.  But it is important to control those feelings and not let the feelings control you.

Make a time to contact our Counsellor, who herself, has experienced these issues many years ago on her weight loss journey. You may be having issues in dealing with

  • socialising post surgery
  • eating out after surgery
  • talking about your surgery to others including family
  • managing the adjustment in portion control and types of foods you are eating
  • controlling your old habits – including binge eating, smoking, drinking etc

At Counselling Service for You, you may even want to go down the pathway of Hypnotherapy to manage your habits and other issues.

Pick up the phone NOW and make that first call – 1300 373 150 or email us at

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