Post Weight Loss Surgery Blues?

Post Surgery Blues – they are real

Having life changing weight loss surgery is exactly that – it is life changing for the better and healthier you.  For many years some of you have struggled with long term obesity, illness, chronic fatigue and more, which is associated to being overweight. Taking that big step and having the surgery is the first of many steps you will take to have a happier – healthier you.

Discussion with your surgeon

When you sat down with your surgeon, there would have been many questions you forgot to ask, I bet you even forgot the question just after surgery, or maybe you were somewhat frightened to talk about it. Make sure you write the questions or concerns down before your next appointment – don’t worry the silliest questions may be the most relevant question – especially for you.


Just want to talk to someone about my concerns

There is nothing wrong with you in wanting to talk to someone about your issues and concerns – your fears, worries, anxiety etc are all normal reactions, and you are allowed to feel that way.  But it is important to control those feelings and not let the feelings control you.

Make a time to contact our Counsellor, who herself, has experienced these issues many years ago on her weight loss journey. You may be having issues in dealing with

  • socialising post surgery
  • eating out after surgery
  • talking about your surgery to others including family
  • managing the adjustment in portion control and types of foods you are eating
  • controlling your old habits – including binge eating, smoking, drinking etc

At Counselling Service for You, you may even want to go down the pathway of Hypnotherapy to manage your habits and other issues.

Pick up the phone NOW and make that first call – 1300 373 150 or email us at

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Stress and Anxiety

Had a very busy week last week. I had great outcomes from some clients last week, which was wonderful to hear.  They were so excited to come and tell me, that one, in particular, was able to go out on her own, go shopping, without any fear or threat of being watched. It’s days like this I love my job.

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Release weight with hypnosis

Can you honestly say, that each night when you sit on the lounge a voice in the head says “what can I eat?”…….or……when at work is it easier to walk across the road and get some quick hot and easy i.e chips and gravy, or even a pasta dish or similar…….wouldn’t it be great to eat healthier, not think naughty food thoughts, and take to work your healthy foods and save some money.  It can be done – Hypnosis.  Within one hour, you will start thinking healthier, live a healthier life style, and begin releasing unwanted weight.  Call NOW! 1300 373 150. Kogarah, NSW.  It takes just one call and you can start releasing….

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Hypnotherapy concept.

Quit Smoking NOW

Yes! It is possible

In just one hour you will stop smoking – it is your choice. Small investment will save thousands after and priceless improvement on your well-being. Become a fresh air breather today – make the call NOW! PH 1300 373 150 #quitsmoking #quit #smoking #stopsmoking #hypnotherapy

Located in Kogarah, NSW


Stress – Anxiety – Fear

Struggling with…..

With the new year here and either going back to work, starting a new job or just not coping, there is professional support with alternatives. From general counselling, hypnotherapy or life coaching, the choice is yours. Call NOW 1300 373150. The phone call is the start.

located in Kogarah, NSW